Oxford Consultants DMCC

Meet our Management Team


Kerry Chrysanthou
General Manager
Taala Karaeva

Located at the Platinum Tower at Jumeirah Lakes Towers, our Dubai-based office provides expert, specialized and effective business consultancy services. As highly qualified and experienced consultants, we are able to provide our clients with all they need and require in respect with the establishment and administration of their business in UAE. We make it our priority to provide quality services, innovative ideas and simple approaches that derive from our skilled knowledge and business expertise. At Oxford Consultants DMCC, we focus on helping our clients surpass their expectations.

At Oxford Consultants DMCC, we focus on providing all-inclusive and diverse services aimed at developing, expanding and promoting our clients’ businesses to compete within the global market. Most entrepreneurs face a variety of obstacles upon deciding to expand their business and set up in foreign jurisdictions. Oxford Consultants DMCC does not only offer guidance and consultation services but also helps clients who wish to expand within international markets.

As a result of our extensive international consultancy knowledge, expertise, local proficiency and innovative minds we are able to assist and guide our clients effectively as well as offer solutions to problems and create long-term goals and plans according to our client’s requirements, wants and vision. We aid our clients succeed in their business ventures thanks to our expert business skills, specialized business knowledge, innovation and vision.

Why Choose Us

Loyalty & Commitment

At Oxford Consultants DMCC, we provide our clients with all-inclusive business services. Our managers and consultants assist and guide our clients through all the procedures needed to set up a company from the time of contact until the final stage.

Prompt Procedure

Oxford Consultants DMCC takes on all the work required, from insignificant matters such as errands or paperwork to official documents, in order to ensure our clients obtain their business license and set up in RAK FTZ.

Time Effective

Oxford Consultants DMCC undertakes all the work required including issuance of documents, errands and bureaucracy issues, allowing our clients to focus on matters that are more important.

Competitive Prices

Oxford Consultants DMCC offers expert and top-quality services at a reasonable price.

Wide-Range of Services

Oxford Consultants DMCC has created a team of professionals renowned for their expert business skills and knowledge. The team of professionals includes financial and legal advisors as well as web-designers all willing to provide their help and expertise.

Knowledge, Proficiency & Experience

Oxford Consultants DMCC strives to cater its clientele with precise information, guidelines and advice as well as business expertise in order to enable them to succeed when venturing into foreign and international markets.